About Loka Kalyan Parishad

SWAWLAMBAN – A CSR Initiative of ACC Ltd, SCW in collaboration with Loka Kalyan Parishad, as an implementing partner

Loka Lalyan Parishad, the Project Implementing Agency (PIA)  of the ACC CSR funded livelihood development project “SWAWLAMBAN”. The organization focused on active participation of women Self Help Group in execution of the field activities level village/tolla level though there were some challenges at initial days.  The team mobilized more than 1086poor women and has promoted vibrant SHGs,  as a result created a good platform for women.  Effective leadership quality has developed among women SHG leaders, their understanding level is quite high and thinking very positively. Their energy and eagerness level also is very high. Women members are quite enthusiastic about their training cum production center. The initiative of the center has created a high aspiration among all members.
As the objective of the project was to promote livelihood for poor, the team worked accordingly. Most of the group members have been undertaken multiple livelihood activities under the project.  The PIA focus on integration of   farm based and nonfarm based livelihood programs in the project with appropriate basket of livelihood activities. The remarkable communitization process was adopted by LKP for Kitchen gardening program that became an appropriate replicable activity in large extent.   
The close engagement of LKP field team and top management with the community is encouraging. A rapport with community, ACC-CSR functionaries, ACC top management has established by the implementation team.
Some of the  project area of the project is semi urban and predominantly illegal coal mining area, people are used to do illegal mining, interested to work in ACC factory and expected subsidy from ACC company,  some are migrating in cities. In the critical socio-economic scenario, project out-come and impact in terms of  SHG promotion and its Federation, livelihood promotion, promoting Non farm income generation programs, nutrition , water conservation is very encouraging. The project team extended their supports to most destitute & vulnerable section of the community.
The DISHA center is a great platform for social transformation. The additional income generating from multiple economic activities has been contributing significantly in local economy that is mitigating the vulnerability of women.
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The proposed project intends to initiates the development of social capital ,  community asset development program in 18 (Eighteen) village areas continuing after the completion of "SWAWLAMBAN"- Phase 1 under Dhanbad  district of Jharkhand state aiming to sustainable livelihood an quality of living.