Annual Reports Loka Kalyan Parishad



LKP is a recognized State Resource Centre for Panchayat Raj Institutions by the Govt. of West Bengal.

It is also a member of SPIP (State Perspective and Implementation Plan) under National Rural Livelihood Mission, Govt. of West Bengal. In the recent past the organization has also established a replicable model to address food security issues through various forms of decentralized natural resource management in remote backward districts of Jalpaiguri, North and South Dinajpur and Birbhum & Purulia in West Bengal. LKP has been a forerunner of facilitating capacity development of Panchayat representatives and functionaries about the Panchayat rules and regulations and the recent changes with Govt. orders along with the schematic provisions etc. so that those could be incorporated and implemented in the annual plans of GPs.


Loka Kalyan Parishad have successfully developed a functional mechanism with capacity building of local level Gram Unnayan Samitis and civil society organizations into LKP – CSO – PRI model.


Technology Transfer


Machines, technology and human resource are the 3 key elements that remain out of reach of poor people in their fight against hunger and scarcity of food. Over the years, LKP has accrued different bio-technologies for enhancing agricultural production like SRI (Systematic Rice Intensification); SWI (Systematic Wheat Intensification) and SMI (Systematic Maize Intensification). LKP was instrumental in putting these ideas into practice and creating models in some areas before transferring these technologies to the people through the SHGs. These models have been adopted by other groups in other areas as well.