Strategy Loka Kalyan Parishad


Advocacy to promote new ideas, change of attitude and perception, mobilization of the people of the society for a common cause, influencing the opinion leaders and policy makers for adoption of new policy or change of existing one.

Capacity Development for a) Individual/staff in order to achieve a quantum improvement in current job performances and as a process to develop skills necessary for future work including activities and responsibilities; b) Institutional capacity building which encompasses efficient and effective system development; use of information technology in planning, managing, monitoring of work and better synthesis and dissemination of new knowledge; advocating for primary target group with the authorities for desired response and capacity enhancement in fund leverage & capacity enhancement for fund leverage and c) Stakeholders’ capacity building.

Mainstreaming gender in LKP and its programmes through a gender policy statement; creation of a gender advisory group on cross cutting issues; conducting gender training; developing appropriate communication materials on gender issues; application of gender analysis methodology in mainstreaming gender in programmes and introduction of gender impact  assessment.