CSR Loka Kalyan Parishad

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

ACC Ltd. In discharge of their Corporate Social Responsibilities in the areas adjoining Damodhar Cements Works Ltd. inducted Loka Kalyan Parishad to assist them in socio-economic development of the local people. Loka Kalyan Parishad initiated its first phase of its DISHA Project in 2012. This was followed by the Second Phase, which was also completed in March 2019 to the satisfaction of the ACC Plant authorities as well as the local people. As a matter of fact agreement for the Third Phase of DISHA Project has also been entered into, execution of which will begin from the next financial year. We are happy to mention that the performance in this project encouraged the ACC Ltd. to induct us in their Sindri Plant also.  Here also having shown remarkable results in the pilot project a full-fledged program under the title SWABALAMBAN was initiated in Feb 2016. The Programme is at the final stage. It will not be out of place to mention that LKP was engaged for their proposed Kharagpur Plant as well, which was stopped because ACC Ltd. had to suspend their construction activities there.