About Loka Kalyan Parishad

DISHA – A CSR Initiative of ACC Ltd, DCW in collaboration with Loka Kalyan Parishad, as an implementing partner

The Project is proposed for both functionally educated male & female youths to engage them in institutional skill development process to rush in skill labor market. An all out support services are matched in the Project covering the disciplines i.e. Farming & Non-faming livelihood designed for youths of both genders & informal education/vocational training support for youths, sanitation-hygiene-health and basic education for all keeping a special eye to maintain the environment eco-friendly, economically viable livelihood activities & asset development at family level vis-a-vis community level.

The ultimate aim is to have a locality where inhabitants keeping themselves in good health within a purview of an eco-friendly arena maintaining healthy environment through proper sanitation & hygiene and income generation activities.  The vital thrust areas to be considered separately from objective in the name of ‘Strategy’are:

1. Emergence of a group of community leaders from amongst the SHGs and local youth from the villages under the project to work in partnership with LKP for achieving MDGs.

2. Increased ability of the community leaders to lead the process of engaging the community towards behavioral change in the areas of

a)  Capacity building & skill development of rural community of both the genders including youth in respected field to have livelihood options

b).  Awareness & support service to maintain sanitation-hygiene;

c).  Awareness towards child and maternal health;

b)   Creation of livelihood options and supports to have eco-friendly environment;

c)   Governance & women’s rights,

d)   Use of safe drinking water.

3. Improvement of support services clubbing/converging the available public services for the community particularly in functional literacy; additional nutrition support; gender based atrocities etc. Inhabitants including rural male & female youth including womenfolk are engaged in 3-4 income generation activities develop their own individual & community assets, marketing surplus produce with bargaining capacity through strong institutional process & linkages. Private (individual level), group based enterprise developed.Private-Private, Public- Private partnership are developed in development of community assets in dev. & management of land, water, etc. natural resources.

Project Title:
Project Area: 
 7 peripheral villages i.e.  Bakulia, Dumdumi, Makura, Balitora, Shunuri-1 , Shunuri-2 & Jagannathdi of Balitora Gram Panchyat under Santuri Block & Purulia   Districts of West Bengal